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Incredevents Wedding Worksheet - Step 2

There are 2 forms that you will need to fill out for booking. This is form 2 of 2, the Wedding Worksheet. If you have not filled out Step 1, please click here to do so, thank you.

Wedding of

Any questions or problems about music or order of events, who knows the Bride and Groom’s wishes, should be directed to:

Additional Contact Information:

Wedding Day Schedule

Reception Events

These are to be led and announced by the DJ.

  1. Grand Entrance
  2. Guests Eat
  3. Bride and Groom’s First Dance
  4. Bride Dances with Her Father
  5. Groom Dances with His Mother
  1. Dance Floor is Open to All
  2. Cutting of the Cake
  3. Best Man’s Toast
  4. Cake is Served
  5. Bouquet and Garter Toss
  6. Honeymoon Dance

Announcement of Bridal Party:

Bridal party members will enter as couples. Put in order you want announced.

Announce the names only (roles are provided in parenthesis for reference only).

Special Event Songs

If you have an iPhone, you can also use the DJ Songlist App to submit the songs for your event.

Bridal Party Walk



Ceremony Special Request

During Bride and Groom’s grand entrance

During Bride and Groom’s grand entrance

During Bridal Party announcements

Bride and Groom’s

First Dance

Bride dances with her father

Groom dances with his mother

Cake Cutting

Bouquet Toss

Garter Toss

Money Dance or Anniversary

Special Request

Must play these songs:

These songs are special to the Bride and Groom and/or their family and friends, and must be played during the Open Dance portion of the reception.

Must NOT play these songs:

Under NO circumstances, even by guest request, should these songs be played:

General Music Styles we Like/Dislike Circle Selections as needed:

General DJ Behavior and Our Preferences: