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Find Your Groove with Incredevents

By Jake Levin


Doing event entertainment with gusto is Brent Watts’ cup of tea. President of Incredevents in Katy, Texas, Watts offers his services to the greater Houston area and is known for putting on unforgettable parties of all kinds including weddings, birthdays, and corporate events. From start to finish, Incredevents will carry out atmospheric lighting, sound, and most importantly, will keep the party booming and guests happy.

“It could be anything from a black tie dinner to a roaring 20’s to a fun pool party,” Watts said. “Often times, the atmosphere changes during an event especially at a wedding [and] we could go from a fun-loving cocktail hour to an elegant sit-down dinner during [a single] event.”

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Lighting is one of the most important things while planning a celebration. After all, beautiful lights lit up the whole atmosphere. Plus, they set the perfect mood for the guests to enjoy.

However, the market is full of different kinds of lights and it could be bedazzling to decide which one would be perfect for the special occasion.

So, have a glance below to help yourself choose the perfect lighting to make the venue extrastunning!


This is the type of lights that are placed on the ground to project light upwards. It is one of the dramatic ways to spruce up an otherwise dab ambiance.

You can use it to highlight specific decoration pieces like flowers, lamps or other significant elements of the venue. Uplighting is perfect for events that mainly features dances like birthday parties, wedding receptions or school functions.


Fairy lights create the perfect romantic, cozy and magical vibe that you might be looking for. These types of lights are a perfect choice for events like weddings, bridal showers, and private parties.

There are many ways you can decorate your venue with fairy lights. One typical way is to hang them up on the walls. But some unique ways are to decorate them onto a tree of an outdoor wedding place or lay them on the floor to make a dazzling walkway.


With the help of a gobo projector and rotating LED lights the monogram lighting is created. They are used to create interesting shapes and patterns, and enthralling scenery images which give appealing visuals to the entire venue.

This type of lighting is best suitable for gala dinners, award ceremonies, product launches etc. Nowadays, the gobo glass is being used in wedding ceremonies to feature the names or initials of the couple!


As the name clearly suggests, the spotlighting focuses light on a single point. It is generally used to highlight a single object or a person.

Hence, spotlights can be used to bring attention towards the performers, a newly wedded couple as they head towards the dance floor for their first dance as a wedded couple!


Make use of the LED lights in the most fun and creative way by putting them in old wine bottles! You can place different colored LED lights in the bottles to create an extravagant atmosphere.

You can either place the bottle lights on the tables of the guests or put them on a pathway stand to welcome the guests extraordinarily.

Moreover, if it is an outdoor event then you can show off the gorgeous bottled lighting by hanging them on a rope and glam up the entire venue in a jiffy.

Besides these, there are some other gorgeous ways to use lights on your mega-events such as, lanterns, floating tea light candles, LED curtains etc. So, bring the wow effect to your special affair by choosing the types of lights discussed here!



With perfect lighting everything looks better.

All those details you spent hours into, come to life with good lights. So, it’s important to spark up the place with the right kind of illumination.

And when there are big events like wedding ceremonies then the importance of lighting becomes double. After all, lighting is the perfect jewel that glows up the entire décor.

So, enlighten yourself with some major lighting you can use on the big day.


Nothing can look more gorgeous than an outdoor wedding that has trees cozily wrapped with luminous lights. You wouldn’t have to shell out large sums of money for the extravagant decoration.

All that is needed is a massive oak tree wrapped up with beautiful fairy lights. This will automatically give the rich shimmery look that is expected in wedding ceremonies.

2.     GOBO

If you wish to give your wedding venue a more modern and stylish look then opt for gobo lighting. One of the creative ways to use gobo lights is to use names or the initials of the bride and groom projected onto a wall, ceiling or a floor.

As the gobo lights will reflect on the wall or the floor, the image will instantly glow highlighting the name or the initials of the couple. It is a pretty creative way to personalize your wedding.


Curtain lights can be used for both indoor as well as outdoor weddings. In a wedding hall, you can place the strings of lights on the walls of the entrance or the dining hall.

If you are having a backyard wedding then curtain lights can be used to brighten up the atmosphere in the most enchanting of ways. These lights can serve as a brilliant solution to segment an outdoor space.


These types of lights are also known as globe string lights and they can add an elegant touch to your whole wedding décor. These lovely overhead lights can provide a lovely and warm feel to every guest present in the wedding affair.

Trust us, patio string lights give the most dreamy and romantic detail without getting too over the top. Hence, it is perfect for a simple yet stylish wedding ceremony.


If you want to go for something extravagant then holispheres lights are the perfect choice. They can easily be hung on the ceiling of the wedding venue and give the most dramatic look.

These types of lights are the most unique decoration piece you can add to your wedding. So, lighten up the round globe and make the wedding look gorgeous.


The color wash lights are used to fill up the entire space with different colors. You can choose color lights which fit in well with the theme of your wedding.

Unlike up lighting which highlights certain elements of the décor, these types of lights illuminate everything present in the hall.

So, these are the types of lighting that you can choose for your wedding and make the entire wedding décor look even more splendid!